*Dawoud Sarmad

از شعر جادوگران  شب   

Poem By: a.c alim

Wild Wind


The fence around the farm is breached

*“Strong force invades security and pace with heavy weight of snow and wind”


The fence around the farms has gone

The limits overrun by raiders

Invading innocent territory


Thieves constantly come into the farm

Come to the farm black clad

With swords in hand for blood


They come with death in mind

They come from far to kill

To shed the blood of simple farmers


The marauders plunderers thirsty

For death-for land- for power

They want to conquer all


They step on hopes and dreams

On the sleeping and the unborn

Stepping cruelly blindly they destroy


The birds will leave the farmland

Even birds with broken wings

Try to escape

This witch army of the night

Encircles every blameless throat

And takes its deadly meal

This with army of the night

Has pillages society

And shut off its soul


Life passes life goes on

Bitter memory repeats

Repeats repeat the killing


Poem By: a.c alim       *Daoud Sarmad