Mohammad Khairy



 Last Riot in Kabul


I am happy the Kabul problems were resolved. I felt so hopeless and sad. I thought we might lose our newly won freedom.

Most Afghan people are not sufficiently educated to understand democracy and the international society. After the Russians and al Qaeda invaded Afghanistan, people considered all foreigners as aggressors. Today,  they struggle to see the difference between Russia and the rest of the international community. The Afghan people view the international community as ruthless foreign invaders, similar to the Russians and Taliban Al Qaeda.


    I have wanted for a long time to write to people in the Afghanistan government system in order to arrange some kind of dramatic speech about freedom and democracy. The people need to know why the international community is in Afghanistan.   The people need to hear clearly that the international community is searching for al Qaeda;  it is not there to hurt people who seem to think their freedoms have been attacked.


    There are problems both in the government and with the perceptions of the local people. The last riots in Kabul showed how the Afghanistan government is not working well for the people. For example, the representatives of the people are not seeking to help those same people. The citizens see things which are unfair. They see the government and military officials getting many benefits, and yet the people seem to be forgotten. They see commanders having 20 escort land cruisers, although there is an inadequate traffic system in Kabul.   Most people are still so poor they must sell their personal property in the streets just to get by. The citizens in Kabul are far from instruction and education. But instead of blaming the Afghanistan government for these problems, they blame the international community, incorrectly believing they approve or even promote these actions. Of course, they got angry and rioted.

     The local people somehow think that the international community is there to make those in power rich.  This is wrong.  The government is abusing power and being neglectful of the people. This war is holy.  Everyone should help to finish the enemy of humanity -- which is al Qaeda.  Everyone should know the truth and their responsibility.  Otherwise, our enemy will try to remake history.  Our enemy will falsely rename the freedom fighters (international invaders) and the holy war (international transgression in Afghanistan).  In addition, all international funds -- earned by the blood of freedom fighter martyrs -- will go for nothing.